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Gonzalo Varalla

Computing Engineer since 1996, Gonzalo has performed for over 20 years as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in several IT and Telecomm companies and ventures in Uruguay, PerĂº and Brasil, always using new technologies.

For more than 7 years he was Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Banco de Seguros del Estado, the biggest insurance company in Uruguay.

Gonzalo is the professor of the Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain course at the IT Management Postdegree at the Economics Science Faculty of the University of the Republic, Uruguay.

He is founder and CEO of PowerLedgers, an IT company dedicated to develop services and solutions based on Blockchain technology for Government and Corporate markets.

Has given conferences, dictated courses, participated in roundtables, given radio, press and web media interviews in dozens of opportunities, spreading knowledge about those technologies.